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Goutte d'Argent Sauvignon Blanc

Goutte d'Argent Sauvignon Blanc

PriceFrom $19,000
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Goutte d'Argent (French for silver drop): A unique wine in the world, fermented with Japanese sake yeast.


Pascal Marty is the only non-Japanese in the world with access to these yeasts with exceptional properties: they are more resistant and allow us to make wine at much lower temperatures (less than 6°C), impacting the flavor, acidity, final concentration of alcohol and, above all, the texture of the wine. Blending the wonderful terroir of Chile, French winemaking techniques and the millennial tradition of Japan, Goutte d'Argent is a cellar tea.


Our vineyards are planted 10 km from the Pacific Ocean. Due to the Humboldt Current, the cool wind allows a natural acidity to the wine. When summer arrives, the fruits ripen slowly due to the mist in the morning, the clear sky in the afternoon and temperatures that reach 20-30°.


With granite soil and slate in the lower part, the region offers white varieties with beautiful minerality, as well as natural acidity and fruit concentration.

  • Valley

    Leyda Valley

  • Color


  • strain

    Sauvignon Blanc

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