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The only wine in the world

fermented with japanese sake yeasts


Tokyo, 2012. Pascal Marty met with the historical local importer of Viña Marty, a renowned master of sake. Among winemakers, when sharing their technical knowledge, he refers to the yeasts used to ferment Japanese sake: Ultra-resistant to alcohol and to low temperatures, with a very complex aromatic palette.

After several years of negotiation, Pascal Marty managed to convince the association of Japanese sake producers to trust him and allow him access to these very special yeasts: He would create a wine fermented at a very low temperature, with unique aromas and a fabulous potential for gastronomic pairings.

Since 2016, Pascal is the only non-Japanese to be part of this association. The creators of the Japanese manga The Drops of God (神の雫, Kami no Shizuku), Shin Kibayashi and Yuko Kibayashi did him the honor of designing this unique bottle, representing the components of this innovative project: Japanese tradition, Chilean wealth and French know-how.

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