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Discover the exclusive premium blend of Viña Marty, made with grapes of Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grown in the best terroirs of the Central Valley. This blend brings together the Pencahue and Colguagua valleys to create a complex and elegant wine.

Corazón del Indio referring to the mountains where the “Clos de Fa” vineyard is located. The legend of the Corazón del Indio (Heart of the Indian) tells the story of an Indian warrior "Kalak" who was turned into a mountain range by "Pacha Mama", goddess of Nature.


When the sun sets in Pirque and the sky turns orange, his heart seems to beat again as the rock turns a deep red. Since then, the locals believe that the Indian and the princess are the protectors of their fertile lands.

Heart of the Indian, Premium Blend | Marty Vineyard


The heart

The head

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