High Maipo

Known primarily for the production of red wines, this valley is the closest to the capital, Santiago. With a mild climate and alluvial rocky soils, Maipo Alto offers an ideal place for growing red strains.

The Cordillera de los Andes influences the microclimate of the clusters due to factors such as the height with respect to the sea level, the cool breezes that blow in the afternoons cool the vineyard, and creating a great thermal oscillation between the temperatures of the day and the night . These effects are reflected in the character and elegance of our wines.

This specific region is well known for producing the best Cabernets in Chile, but it is also ideal for Merlot and Syrah.

The Single Vineyard wine line and our Icon come from a small and exclusive vineyard of only 2 hectares, located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, in Pirque, a terroir recognized for producing the finest red wines in Chile. Pirque is an exclusive Denomination of Origin that is only comparable to what Pauillac means in the Medoc AOC and Bordeaux AOC.

The vineyard has an NW-SE orientation allowing grapes to ripen perfectly during the season. It was planted in 1999 in high density with 6,250 plants / ha. On average, it is harvested under 1 kilo / plant. With such low yields, our SER and Clos de Fa wines are only produced in very limited quantities, therefore, they are very exclusive.