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Chaka Chardonnay

Chaka Chardonnay

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The Chacana or Andean cross is an ancient symbol that can be found throughout the Andes from the pre-Inca period to the end of the Inca civilization. Today, it is known for being one of the emblems of western South America. Chacana embodies the traditional mythology and mysticism of the Andean population, which is still part of our local cultures.
The Viña Marty range begins with CHAKA and is a tribute to our local legends, French winemaking techniques and the beautiful nature of Chile.


This wine, created by the French oenologist Pascal Marty, comes from the Central Valley of Chile, and more precisely from Valle del Claro.


A bright yellow Chardonnay, a fresh profile, marked by notes of acacia blossom, aromas of pastry, a wide mouth, with flavors of almond and white flowers to share as an aperitif or to accompany a fish or shellfish dish.


Serve at 10°

  • Valley

    Central Valley (Valle del Claro)

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